The Elevated Dog Bed

elevated dog bed

As the name suggests, an elevated dog bed is one which is raised off the ground (usually around 7”/ 18cm), and is typically a breathable mesh cover stretched over a sturdy rectangular frame. This design allows air to circulate underneath on warm days, and prevents moisture and cold from
coming into contact with your pooch on wet or cold days. Additionally, the raised design provides comfort and takes pressure off your dog’s joints – prolonged contact with concrete and other hard surfaces can take a toll on elbows in particular.
Most brands offer a range of sizes to suit every possible breed. There are raised dog beds available for every budget, though expect to get
what you pay for in terms of durability of the cover and rigidity of the frame.

You’ve probably noticed your dog has favourite napping spots, and he/she will particularly love heading to an elevated dog bed for some ZZZs. Whether placed inside or out, expect your raised dog bed to be a popular, go-to spot after a tiring walk, or the chosen location on which to nibble a
yummy treat. As for muddy mutts, messy eaters, droolers or dribblers, never fear, the mesh covering on elevated dog beds is designed to be washable and quick-drying. And, if the worst should happen, and your pooch decides to eat the mesh along with his treat, all good brands of raised dog bed will offer replacement covers.

The Amazon Basics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed is an excellent choice for both functionality and value for money. It comes in two colourways – grey and green – and a whopping five sizes to cater for every possible pooch. Covers are not only washable, but also replaceable. The durable iron frame has a black anti-corrosive finish, rounded corners and non-slip feet for optimal strength and safety. Its mesh cover is raised about 7 inches off the ground, making it easy to climb onto or off, even for older or arthritic dogs. This height also ensures maximum air circulation, whether for cooling or insulation. It comes flat packed and is easy to assemble (c. 10-15 min. even for a beginner), with all parts, tools and instructions provided, and is backed by an Amazon Basics 1 year limited warranty

One of the main advantages of the elevated dog bed is that it is lightweight (c. 4-11 lbs or 2-5 kg, depending on size) and portable, and can be used indoors or out. If extra protection from the elements is important, some manufacturers offer a product that is both an elevated dog bed and kennel combined, for example:

AmazonBasics Elevated Portable Pet House. This is ideal for camping or travelling as it is lightweight and easily dismantled and reassembled, although this particular product is only available in small.

Alternatively, SUPERJARE offer a Elevated Pet Cot with with removable canopy which provides the best of both worlds, especially for those dogs who like to go travelling with their owners, or those living in unpredictable climates! 

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