January 27, 2020

how to soften dog nails before clipping

How to soften dog’s nails before clipping

If you are anything like me, trimming your dog’s nails will be extremely daunting, and certainly the scariest part of the grooming process. Both Kobe and Bella have faced minor injuries, while tending to their long dog nails, though I have heard of major issues caused by so-called “professional groomers” and vets!

As detailed in my previous post on How to cut dog nails that are too long, taking proper care of our dog’s nails is essential, otherwise overly long dog nails can break or become ingrown, leading to both pain and infection.

Other than ensuring you are using the best tools for the job, ie the best dog nail clippers or the best dog nail grinder, one of the most import tips, which was only briefly touched upon in my previous “Pawdicure” guide is to ensure the dog’s toe nails have been softened beforehand. I would suggest following the below steps on how to soften dog nails:

  • Dog toe nails are made of kertain, just like a human’s nails. It therefore follows that dog toe nails are most easily trimmed immediately after a bath, just like human nails.
  • If a bath isn’t an option, or you are in a rush, simply soak your dog’s paw in warm water for a few minutes. This may also help to relax your dog, as it does with Kobe. Some dogs eg Bella, get overstimulated and overexcited when bathed, so soaking the paws can be a much better option.
  • If the above steps havent helped, and you are still asking yourself how to soften dog nails before clipping, Shea butter could be the answer. Shea butter can be applied directly to the dog’s toe nails to smooth, soften and hydrate. Similarly, there are now a number of dog friendly, skin soothing, healing balms which are primarily used for bug bites, cuts, rashes, abrasions, and dry/itchy skin; but also work wonders for softening your dog’s nails.

A particular favourite of mine (and Kobe’s) is the Natural Dog Company’s Skin Soother, (pictured to the left) which is an organic, all-natural healing balm.

Kobe find’s the whole process very relaxing, and really enjoys having this balm applied.

The healing herbs are anti-inflammatory and can be applied to the nails beforehand to soften, and afterwards to treat and potential infection and to ensure a speedy recovery.

I would highly recommend trying this out when trying to soften your dog’s nails before clipping.

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